“You don’t know what to do when life doesn’t seem fair to you. You scream and shout, crawl in the darkest corner, cry or struggle back”.

Rewind to 2010 when Mr. Prashant Bhadoria life and career, took a completely different turn. He began losing his vision due to retinal macular degeneration that couldn’t be treated and suddenly his career and life came to a halt. But he knew he couldn’t just sit there and mope around.

“The key to life is accepting challenges, once some stops doing this, he’s dead.” Says Mr. Bhadoria. He learnt medical transcription and tried working out on everything that would come to his knowledge to support his family.

One day, a thought dawned on him. “Weren’t there many others like me who had to deal with many disabilities? I had financial support, many others didn’t. Couldn’t I help some others do what I was doing? People gave them handouts, some even trained them, but no one gave them the opportunity to find a permanent job.

For 12 years, NEWS has been advocating for people with disabilities, their families, and communities to bring about sustainable change and create an inclusive India with equal dignity and respect for divyangjans. Today, we can say that NEWS is a young but successful NGO working for the inclusion of people with disabilities. With an inclusive workforce, the team at NEWS knows what it takes to ensure that no one is left behind. The programs and services are designed to ensure that a large group of youth with disabilities have access to quality education and training opportunities.

With its Interventions, NEWS has trained and placed more than 3100+ and 1500+ PwDs/Others. Respectively.


VISION – The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.


MISSION – No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.


Founder Message –

Mr. Prashant Bhadoria – If you want to be successful, you don’t have to know things that nobody else knows. But you must believe in things that hardly anybody believes